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We’ve Been Discovered!

Shortly after posting the Mr. Bean video, I happened to check the stats for this blog and was dumbfounded to see that Mr. Bean had been “hit” 16 times (we are now up to 24) and from the same referrer– alphainventions.com

What is alphainventions.com?  Well, even its inventor has some trouble describing it.  His site captures blogs as they are updated in real time, giving readers (primarily other bloggers) not only the ability to see the latest post in real time but to click and go to the blog itself. The designer (inventor? Mad genius?) is a 20 something year-old who seems like a nice young man with a fair bit of time on his hands, apparently. In any case, if we are now on display to the world, I suppose I am going to have to watch my grammar and spelling…


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