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I was looking at our blog stats today and was amused, though not surprised, to find that my post last February on “Library-themed Wedding Invitations” continues to outpace all other posts in numbers of hits by at least a factor of 2.  I can only suppose that lots of librarians are getting married and looking for ideas! The only post that challenges its status are my two posts about Dewey, the library cat. Well, who didn’t know that there are lots of cat lovers in the world? Of course, Dewey’s “biography” has generated a lot of attention everywhere.

Almost as popular has been my post “Dinosauers with Blogs”. I can’t prove it but, since visitors are finding it by searching on the single word “dinosauers”, I suspect that I have disappointed an awful lot of children trying to do school reports!

We continue to get many hits thanks to a site called alphainventions.com.  All the more reason that I want to solicit input from my fellow Cussers! We can now let the world know what cool things are going on in Alabama libraries.


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There are a lot of library-related blogs in the blogosphere. I came across yet another interesting one here on WordPress called Closed Stacks and in its blogroll I came across the intriguingly named Library Link of the Day.  It proved to be the case that those are very interesting links, indeed. 

On March 13th this year, the site linked to an editorial in the Gainesville Sun recommending that the district public library be closed. The Huron Daily Tribune  (link works from Library Link of the Day but not when I copy it here, for some reason) feels somewhat differently about its public library and its editorial, Library More Relevant than Ever, was the link for March 27.  There is a wealth of interesting, informative news to be found in this one spot for all of us, who don’t have enough to read, as it is.


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I won’t go so far as to say that blogs and libraries are a match made in heaven, even if it is Valentine’s Day.  However, libraries of all sorts are making very creative use of them.

The GSU library is a case in point.  Georgia State University Library has an unusually interesting page of “subject” blogs related to its departments, new acquisitions and, even, one related to news from the Middle East.  While some blogs appear to be more active than others, all make their content available in RSS.

The page itself not only lists the available  blogs but features a selection of  “Recent Postings from our Blogs” which is a nifty way to give prominence to items that might otherwise be overlooked, given the sheer number of  blogs. This strikes me as a very well thought out use of a very simple bit of software.

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