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Over at a Curious Expeditions the writers have put together a collection of photos of what they say are the most beautiful libraries in the world. I believe them because I can scarcely imagine that any library more beautiful than these could exist!


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I collect vintage postcards. They are a fascinating mini-documentary of life, fashions, and attitudes (political and social) at the turn of the century (the “golden age” of postcard production ran from (ca.)1898-to 1915). I don’t suppose that a single topic under the sun was not documented on a postcard.

While views of cities, buildings and tourist attractions are not my particular interest, I was, nevertheless,  delighted to find this site which documents America’s public libraries. It is heavy on the midwest with respectable offerings from around the nation. But I was struck by the complete absence of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi … really, the entire south. I know that public libraries were a relatively later phenomenon here and that might be enough to explain the absence. I don’t recall seeing any libraries portrayed on postcards, even as late as in the 20s and 30s. Does anyone know if such cards exist? Does anyone collect them?

I wonder too about early views of our Alabama academic libraries. Do they exist? It seems like such a collection of either academic or public (or both) might make an enjoyable session documenting the history of libraries in Alabama at some future ALLA.

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