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 I was perusing academic library websites again and was struck by the website of the Yavapai College Library. Yavapai College is a two-year college of unusual size (there are 5 campuses in Arizona with the two main campuses located in Prescott and Verde Valley  (Clarkdale)). The library website is visually very appealing and features its videos very prominently to promote library services. So for example, I found the following “caveman” feature:

Thrall and Zorga in… Let’s Ask A Librarian

Another video, An Afternoon Romp, uses an early 20th century silent film “theme” to promote borrowing films on video. This, in my opinion, is worth viewing more for the music than for anything else!

There is an interactive tour of the library catalog that features characters from the game World of Warcraft,  which I thought was very well done.


Now, videos are coming to me, instead of me going to them! Here is one I was alerted to just a few minutes ago. This comes from the University of South Florida and is probably the most sophisticated one I have seen yet. However, I must warn one and all that it contains: RAP! The library isn’t mentioned until the 2 minute mark, so some patience may be required. With no further ado, here is:

Chronicles of Libraria


Finally, a library related video with no redeeming value at all. It is merely amusing in a stereotypical way:


The Librarian Dialogues


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