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Not too long ago I posted a bit about Twitter. While I am still not sold on it, I have discovered Twitter for Librarians on College at Home. The guide discusses why a library might want to use Twitter but also gives a list of libraries that are using it. I checked out the Nebraska Library Commission  which is using it for ready reference. It is found under the tab “Ask a Librarian” at the very bottom of the page. Here is a sample of the questions it received:

I would like a list of all IRS liens filed  in the last month in Nebraska.
How do I find out if I am registered to vote?
Do you know how to find transcripts of state supreme court cases? 

 The Guide appears to be one-stop shopping for those who want and like to keep it short.


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I have to admit that much of what technology has wrought seems, well, useless to me. Twitter is a good example.  The whole idea of “tweets” (messages that can be no longer than 140 characters) leaves me shaking my head. Like, what genius figured out that there were people who would actually enjoy sending messages to and receiving messages from dozens and, even, hundreds of people along the lines of “yeah me too!” Still, leave it to librarians to figure out a way to put Twitter to good use.

This is what Melissa the Finisher wrote on her blog recently:

I just started a new Twitter account called @ACPLLibraryCamp to publicize Library Camp 2008. I started adding people by going to a famous person’s Twitter account, looking at their followers, and following their followers. Within about 30 minutes, three more famous people were following ACPLLibraryCamp. That’s pretty darn quick! I am hoping to use Twitter as one way to publicize our Library Camp. I also sent e-mails to a bunch of people I don’t know, but that was tough because in most cases I had to dig for them. Twitter is so much quicker!

We seem to be incredibly quick to find innovative ways to make use of even silly (seemingly) technology. Melissa gets three approving “tweets” from me. You can read more about “Library Camp 2008” at her blog too!

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