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Booklios has posted an interesting essay on books, reading and the positive efffects of prison on writing. He says, in part:

In modern day America Jailbirds are looked at with much scorn and derision; however, many of the authors that have brought us great reading joy and intellectual stimulation were in fact criminals, crooks, sundry petty thieves and prison inmates. The novelist and short story writer Chester Himes served 7 ½ years in an Ohio prison for armed robbery. However, with much time on his hands and little else to do, Himes picked up a pen and started to compose short stories and later novels. Books such as If He Hollers Let Him Go, Cotton Comes to Harlem, A Rage in Harlem and The Real Cool Killers are classic Himes and no doubt owe their origin to his incarceration.

Well, I understand the wish for hours of uninterrupted leisure in which to read …

I'm not sure I want to do any reading here

Not enough light!

but I think I would rather use vacation time and stay home …


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